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Cluster Snapshot

Moonew Tarey Bhir Enriched Composting / Vermicomposting

District: South Sikkim

State: Sikkim

Cluster Brief

DPR-Moonew_Vermicomposting Cluster2.jpg



Technical Agency

Implementing Agency

Major Products

Rs. 0.26 Crore

Council of Scientific & Industrial Research-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology, Palampur


Sikkim Kisan Society, Sikkim

  • Enriched Compost/ Vermicompost

  • Vermiwash

No of Artisans

About Cluster


Moonew Tarey Bhir Enriched Compost /Vermicompost Cluster is located in the west district under the Daramdin Block Administrative Centre and Village of Rumbuk Gram Panchayat Unit i.e. ward number 04 & 06. Rumbek is around 116 km from Gangtok and 31 km from nearest city Jarethang which is well accessible by Soreng Sombaria State Highway. The cluster is mainly concentrated within 2 Kms radius of the cluster.


The proposed cluster is a farmer based cluster where the 90%populations are farmers. They rear domesticate cattle for milk, meat, compost. The area is mainly covered by forest i.e .rich in flora. Agriculture, vegetable production, dairy farming and Vermicomposting is the main source of income of the cluster. Vermicomposting was initiated in 2010 as a major component of fertilizer under temporary sheds that has to be repaired every year. Around one lakh tons of crop waste, biomass, fallen leaves & cow-dung is produced in the village. Due to lack of knowledge and technology (Technical Knowhow )farmers wasted all these products until 2009. As such there is no value addition to the agro-waste generated every year; the scope of the value addition is very high. Being a farmer based cluster, lack of knowledge and investment incapability have blocked the way for exploring value addition. With the support of Sikkim Kishan Society farmers started the production of vermicompost in an ordinary shed since 2010 for their own utilization.

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DPR-Moonew_Vermicomposting Cluster.jpg

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