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Cluster Snapshot

Humma Dry Fish

District: Ganjam

State: Odisha

DPR Humma Dry Fish Cluster2.jpg

Cluster Brief



Rs. 2.81 Crore

Technical Agency

Devnext Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Implementing Agency

Maa Ramachandi Foundation, Odisha

Major Products

Dry Fish & Fish Powder

No of Artisans

About Cluster


In Odisha the dry fish carried out traditionally in almost entire coastal areas particularly of Ganjam region has been playing an important role in the coastal economy. The sector is functioning in an unorganized manner that has given rise to certain problems like a low market price, lack of hygiene, the rise of the use of big trawlers by big players, etc. which have deprived these fishermen communities of actual economic benefits. The Humma Dry Fish cluster has developed naturally.

The cluster covers three villages around Humma. The Cluster has been in existence for decades, if not centuries. Its contribution towards livelihood generation cannot be overlooked. It is a household-based industry in the coastal Odisha where the household members get involved in the process of catching, drying and selling. However, clusters are still primarily dependent upon traditional techniques of production and there is not much market-oriented change in product range to attract the consumers on a scale. Under the circumstances, the present study is an attempt to explore the role of the dry fish economy in promoting coastal livelihood.

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DPR Humma Dry Fish Cluster.jpg

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