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Cluster Snapshot

Medhaki Zari Zardozi, Stitching & Embroidery

District: Raisen

State: Madhya Pradesh

Cluster Brief




Technical Agency

Implementing Agency

Major Products

Rs. 2.1 Crore

SF Consultants

Pratibha Foundation, Madhya Pradesh

  • Dress Material with Zari Embroidery Work

  • Saree

  • Suit

  • Lehenga etc.

  • Home Décor Item Like

    • Freeze Cover

    • Table Cover

    • Cushion

    • Window Curtain

No of Artisans

About Cluster


Embroidery craft has been in existence in India since ancient times in some form or the other. However, it was propelled during the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar in India and particularly in Bhopal and adjacent district like Raisen, which in old days came under the jurisdiction of Nawabs of Bhopal. During this period only the value addition in the form of zari and zardozi with embroidery was introduced to cater to the royal families. Over the years zari-zardozi embroidery has become popular among Indian masses at various levels. Medeski is situated approximately 165 km east of Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh and 6 Kms from Sanchi. Sanchi is also a popular tourist destination for its presence of historical monuments. The zari zardozi cluster in Raisen district is present in Medhki and its surrounding villages. The Medhki Zari-Zardozi Embroidery and Textile cluster is concerned for products made from Zari-Zardozi Embroidery work.

The craft is more than four centuries old and it is an ancestral work for livelihood creation to the artisan’s vice-versa generating reasonable income for the survival of artisans apart from the natural agricultural activities and other village crafts like marble and stone craft in the region.

Art-Hi-Shan Support Desk


DPR Medhaki Zari Zardozi, Embroidery & S

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